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How to get here


Puerto Galera is approximately 3-hours from Manila to Sabang Beach. Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera is easily accessible by public transportation from Manila.  From Manila you have to get to Batangas Pier, from there you catch the ferry that will take you to Sabang Beach.

If you have any questions or would like us to arrange private transporation from Manila to Sabang Beach dont hesitate to contact us we are delighted to assist you for the most convenient and comfortable way to get to the resort.

We would recommend you to hire a private car from Manila to Berberabe Compound where you take a private boat straight to Sabang Beach as it is most convenient and hassle free way to get here.

From Emita there is a Sikat Bus which leaves at 08:00am daily to Batangas Pier terminal 3 with a connecting boat transfer to Puerto Galera Sabang Beach for the price of PHP750.

Another option is to take transfer to Batangas Pier such as JAM, ALPS, CERES and N. Dela Rosa Transit. Batangas bus terminals in Manila can be found in Cubao and Buendia. Ticket cost is about 200-230PHP .

Boat from Batangas Pier to Sabang Beach leaves daily at 7:45am, 9:45am,10:45am, 12:45pn, 2:45pm and last ferry is 4:45pm.

There is no public or private transfer after 6PM going to Sabng at night time. If you need to stay in Manila for a night or two we recommend Lotus Garden or City State Tower.

Private Transfer


You may have come via arranged private transfer of car and boat which is considered the most convenient and comfortable way to arrive. This service is exclusively available to our guests in helping to eliminate one of the major stress factors out of travelling to and from the resort. Boat is P3500.00 and car is P3,500.00 (one way)

Travel time to Puerto Galera is approximately three hours by bus and ferry from Manila. On arrival in Puerto Galera you will travel to the resort by local motorized outrigger boat (banca) or by ferry. - From Hotel to Batangas pier: by buses departing every morning from 9 am nonstop - From Batangas pier to Puerto Galera: by boat and reaching Puerto Galera about 14:00 hours The whole journey takes about 3 hours from Manila to Puerto Galera. The ferry to Batangas leaves Puerto Galera at 7:30 each morning and enables connection to transportation back to your hotel in the afternoon.

Things to know

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Climate - March to May is hot and dry; rains and typhoons abound from June to October. November to February is pleasantly cool and dry. Peak tourist season is from December up to May.


Accommodation - Numerous, mostly family-run cottages and hotel rooms of all categories are available. The types of accommodation range from simple beach huts made of bamboo, nipa, sawali or rattan, to comfortable, luxury, fully furnished, air-conditioned bungalows with fully-equipped kitchens.


Treasures? - During the Spanish times, some galleons never reached the protection of Puerto Galera's harbor and their treasures lie hidden in the nearby waters. Adventure awaits the underwater world explorers!


Food - Native, as well as international cuisine is served in a variety of restaurants, along with a wide selection of fine wines and imported and local spirits. Nearly every resort has its own restaurant. The dishes offered is very tourist oriented and restaurants with international cuisine and dishes for every taste and budget can be found mainly along Sabang Beach and near the docks. Needless to mention, fish is the best choice here. The prices are comparable to those in the Manila tourist belt.


Shopping - Souvenir textiles and RTW are sold in stalls along the pier, in boutiques in Poblacion and by street vendors. Handicrafts, particularly marble novelties, rattan and coconut products, can also be purchased. Fresh fruit and fish can be obtained at the public market in Poblacion or from ambulant merchants.


Mailing Service - The only post office in Puerto Golera is located near the church next to the basketball court. Some beach resorts take care of their guests' mail for a small charge.


Telephone - All Phone Networks are available in Puerto Galera. Landlines are served by Catsi as well as Smart Telecoms & Globe Telecoms.


Money Matters - It is advisable to take a sufficient supply of pesos along since the exchange rates offered by resorts and restaurants are often 10% below the rates in Manila. The Puerto Galera Rural Bank is located across the church. Cash, checks, tickets and other valuables should be deposited with the resort management with a receipt. We accept all major credit and debit cards at additional 4.8% surcharge


Police - There is a police station at the intersection above the docks in Poblacion and on the Municipal Compound.


Medical Care - There are three medical clinics, including a dental clinic, in downtown Puerto Galera. However, serious ailments or injuries should be treated in Batangas City or in Calapan or, at best, back in Manila. A new hospital just opened last December 1, 1998.


Electricity - Since power failures (brown-outs) occur frequently, many beach resorts and hotels are equipped with electric generators. The voltage is 220 volts.