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Diving and Snorkling


The waters around Puerto Galera teems with exotic and colorful marine life and coral gardens. The variety of species found here outnumbers those of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a year-round diving destination for experienced divers as well as beginners. With over 30 dive sites all known for their marvelous marine environment and superb visibility which is only 10-15 minutes away from the dive centers, Puerto Galera truly is a divers' paradise.

A number of Asia's finest dive shops in the area offer basic and advanced courses fully guided by competent instructors for reasonable fees. Almost all of the dive shops operate under the P.A.D.I. or B.S.A.C. systems and regulations which are both internationally recognized. Diving instructions, usually in English, can be delivered in German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or French by some diving schools.

With over 2 dozens of divesite to choose from and different level of dives from beginner to Professional level. All this divesite is just 15minutes or less travel time from dive centers.



Beach Hopping


Travel time to Puerto Galera is approximately three hours by bus and ferry from Manila. On arrival in Puerto Galera you will travel to the resort by local motorized outrigger boat (banca) or by ferry. - From Hotel to Batangas pier: by buses departing every morning from 9 am nonstop - From Batangas pier to Puerto Galera: by boat and reaching Puerto Galera about 14:00 hours The whole journey takes about 3 hours from Manila to Puerto Galera. The ferry to Batangas leaves Puerto Galera at 7:30 each morning and enables connection to transportation back to your hotel in the afternoon.

Hiking and Hashing


Hiking - You can trek through the rainforested hills and study the flora and fauna including rare wild orchids and birds or you can become a beachcomber and walk from bay to bay at low tide. Alternatively you can hike up to the waterfalls and bathe in the crystal clear and refreshingly cool mountain streams.

Hashing - For those who like running instead of hiking then Saturday afternoon is when the Puerto Galera HASH House Harriers assemble at Capt'n Gregg's for a run (or brisk walk), around some time-hewn headland or along an ancient forest trail, towards the On-On of the day where to consume a friendly beer or two.

Other Activities

other activities

Jet Ski - For those who really must get their adrenaline rush through speed but find a drift dive in a six knot current or a twelve knot spinnaker run or a 25 knot windsurf ride a little tame then Jet Skis are tolerated to be used off the beaches that face the Verde Passage.

Windsurfing - The safe but breezy waters off Boquete Beach are the perfect location for windsurfing and every year (usually in early February) Puerto Galera plays host to windsurfers from all around the country and from overseas; Puerto Galera is one of legs on the national windsurfing championship racing circuit.

If you already know how to windsurf and simply want to rent a board then the windsurfing school on Boquete Beach will provide. If you do not know how to windsurf then the same school will have you up and sailing within a day and racing within a week.

Sailing - The mangrove lined inner bays of Puerto Galera offer the opportunity for a day of sailing in a dinghy, imbibing nature and embracing the sumptuous tranquility of a tropical marine sanctuary.Want to up the pace a little then the same dinghies are used for the Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience, held every Wednesday afternoon (when the emphasis is on having fun) starting at the yacht club. Hobie 16s are also available for rent from a number of resorts and from private owners. Three times a
year (Halloween, New Year and Easter) the Puerto Galera Yacht Club organises sailing regattas for bigger boats and these and other events are open to everyone who has the desire to race boats across the Verde Passage and along the outer beaches.

On/Off Road Motorcycles - Some of the terrain around Puerto Galera can only be appreciated by going off-road and the only practical way to do that is to hire a motorcycle. Hire a motorcycle for day or a week of exploration and you can discover sights that few have seen before.

Note: be prepared to use your passport in lieu of a security deposit when hiring equipment at most resorts.